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Crappies on First Ice

This past weekend, I knew the ice conditions were going to be prime for driving a four wheeler out because of past ice checking and the cold temps throughout the week. I decided I would try a spot that we have got them in previous years at first ice.

The spot was a 20 FT small mud basin in between a point and an island with steep drop offs. We got out to the spot and started drilling holes in an X-pattern over the small basin. Taking my Vexilar, I walked over and checked each hole carefully, swinging the transducer cord back and forth in the hole to check the area around it.

I got to the 3rd hole and the screen lit up with red, suspended off the bottom, I knew we had found the crappies. We setup the house and started getting fish immediately, the best lure was a small green Clam Outdoors Rattlin' Blade Spoon tipped with a small crappie minnow. We threw back over 50 fish and it was a great day to be on the ice.

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