Quick Start, Slow Finish

The fall season is upon us! The mornings are cool and crispy, the air feels so refreshing. The leaves are changing colors and the scenery is looking better every day. Plus, there is that added benefit of a promising fall fishing season. After a summer of hard fishing conditions, this fall season would seem to be a literal breath of fresh air! But will the fish cooperate between now and early Nov. when early ice season starts in the Black Hills is anyone's guess at this point. I decided to make a return to Stockade Lake as I was hoping that the bass and pike in it would have started returning to the shallow weeds to begin feeding heavily in preparation for winter. The cold nights and mornings

Tough Times for Trout

The weather has certainly been strange lately. On the day I got a chance to get out for the first time in a few weeks, it hits 100 degrees throughout the Black Hills. 2 days later, the area got its first snowfall of the year, with the Deerfield area where I went fishing 48 hours before seeing 8" of fresh powder. Some areas got nearly a foot of snow. Giddy I was with the thought of an early fall that could possibly lead to an early ice season as well. But alas, it was just a brief spell of cold weather. Temperatures will be climbing back into the 80s before too long. Perhaps these swings happening were the reason why my trip to Deerfield did not yield the usual quantity of results. Since I ha

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