Father/Daughter Turkey Hunt

Drip, Drop…Drip, Drop…goes the rain on the roof of our Clam Outdoors Hunting Blind. I noticed the pine needles glistening with water droplets outside of my window. As my dad and I setup our decoys and situate our equipment, I think to myself, how lucky we are to have a shelter to stay dry in. My dad zips the door shut, all goes dark inside our blind as the game is about to begin. We start the morning off with a couple of yelps using the box call, with no response from a gobbler. We sit and keep watching down the field, while watching the heavy spring rain fall. As the time ticks by, the critters of the woods start to become active. Loons, cranes and crows are all singing their songs. My dad

Use Your Camera for More than Just Fish

As fishermen and hunters, we generally reserve the cameras on our phones (or actual camera if you still use one) for taking photos of our catches or shots of the day, be it a fish or a buck. But, if don't notice what's around you and are too focused on your intended quarry, you might miss a chance at some extraordinary scenery. Case in point. I headed down to Stockade recently with my pontoon for my first open water trip of the season with it. With temperatures being in low 40s, it was a very brisk morning and as such I made sure the pontoons were fully inflated (as the air in them would likely constrict due to the temperature of the air and water) and that I'd packed my Ice Armor coat, as w

Staging Weed-Line Crappies

I went and checked out a lake I normally don't fish a whole lot. I watched all the boats fly by me to the normal shallow water spawning areas. Knowing that the crappies have not begun spawning yet, I began the search in 5 ft of water working the weed line on a huge flat adjacent to 12 ft of water as we jigged up and down the sharp weed line with no success. With the morning water temperature at 52 degrees, the fish have not moved in shallow for the day. Knowing these fish are staged up nearby, we worked all the way out to 12 ft where we marked them but they just were not interested. After three hours of trying, we bolted across the lake to another spot just outside a creek flowing in and we

Keeping Trout Fresh

How to keep trout fresh from the stream to table. Step 1: Catch a trout. Step 2: Keep trout alive as long as possible. Step 3: Gut and clean trout before leaving. Step 4: Place in a cooler for ride home.

Dealing with Moles

If you have moles in your yard, I'm sure you have tried everything to get rid of them like me. I've tried flooding the tunnels with water, smoke bombs and poison. I have also tried numerous traps with limited success and I've even heard of putting bubblegum in the hole. This will be the third summer I've dealt with moles tunneling around my yard. Leaving unsightly dirt mounds and trails of raised dead grass. Moles don't just pick a spot to wreak havoc. Usually they are drawn to an area because of food. Old tree roots from a cut down tree has decaying wood and with decaying wood underground comes those big white grubs. The moles love these grubs and more than night crawlers. Moles are blind a

Easter Weekend with Dad

Taking a few days off to travel to Lemmon for Easter last weekend, my dad and I (of course) got in some fishing in the afternoons while we were there. With his boat at the dealership getting some maintenance done as well as being fitted with some newer sonar units, it was shore fishing for us, we had hoped to bring out his little 14’ boat for some stock dam jumping, but the wind over the weekend prevented that from happening. It was very slow the first couple of days on Shadehill Reservoir. We tried fishing for walleyes with "walleye rigs" and minnows and I pitched Northland Thumper jigs and Impulse grub tails from shore around rocky points. I caught a few silver bass, but no walleyes. Not e

Cast and Blast Weekend

When you ask eleven year-old Blake Rhembrandt what he wants to do on the weekends, the answer most always involves hunting, fishing and riding motorcycles. The early mornings, cold weather and long walks have never slowed this young man down. From a young age he has spent time in a boat or in the field helping his Dad, Grandpa and Uncle fill multiple tags. Last weekend Blake hit a local reservoir chasing walleye. On Saturday he broke his personal best walleye which fell over twenty-two inches. Excited and thinking the weekend couldn’t possibly get any better, he went to bed with high hopes of filling a turkey tag the next morning. After a short hike in the dark, he was patiently waiting for

Rainy River Brutes

After 3 days fishing on the Rainy River, this is the report I have based on the area I was fishing. I was lucky enough to be able to get in on some walleye fishing as well. The river was clearer than average with the farther you went upstream, the cleaner the water was getting. That had a huge impact on the walleye bite. We stayed around the sportsman lodge area. We fished walleyes from the resorts area all the way up too Vidas landing and caught walleye everywhere. The best bite and quality of walleye came from the Vidas area. Many 25 inch + fish were caught using a 3/4 oz jig head tipped with emerald shiner was what we had our best bite on. Keeping the jig as vertical as possible helped. N

Winter Gear Offseason Prep

Now that the ice season has pretty much ended across the country as well as in popular areas of Canada, it is important that all of the gear that we use during the season is cared for and stored in a manner which will guarantee it works at the start of next season with minimal effort. There are many forums, tips and videos out there to help with this process so there really is no one right way to do it, but I'll share how I store everything so that it's ready to go once the cold returns in just over 200 days. First off, our flip-over shelters and hubs need to be set up and left to dry out entirely before going into storage. Any wetness left in over the next 6 months could cause mold or other

Twin Ports Latest Fishing Report

This last week, we spent time on Lake Superior, Rainy River and inland waters. Lake Superior is having a good bite right now. If you can handle a little wind and don't mind the cooler morning temps, you can catch some nice fish. The Coho Salmon bite has been decent trolling a variety of baits in bright colors. Long lining with planer boards has been the best, further meaning, one does not need a bunch of expensive gear. Anglers are also still catching nice Kamloops Trout and Steel Head at the river mouths. The areas between Lester and all the way up to Two Harbors have been good for shore fishing "Loopers". It is recommended you get out early to beat the rush (especially on the weekends).

Pre-Spawn Smorgasboard

Well, the ice is gone, tears have been shed, but now it's time to take advantage of the early spring open water bite. Most people in the Northeast, are out chasing trout, but I personally do not like shoulder to shoulder fishing in a tiny stream, so ponds and lakes is where you will find me out chasing panfish and bass. Pre spawn can be a “hero or zero” time of year, but when you put all the pieces together it is awesome. Our first stop this weekend was a 20 or so acre pond that only allows car top launching, no trailer boats. My friend Carroll has a 12 foot aluminum flat bottom boat that has been sitting behind his house for years, so we figured it would be just the ticket. The pond has som

Black Hills Fishing Report

Though I normally try to tell about experiences for each excursion I take, this week presented itself as a rather tough week fishing wise. I was able to get out twice for my first open water excursions, however, catches of fish were nearly non-existent except for one rainbow, as the water temps at present are still pretty cold and the after ice bite hasn't quite started yet as a result of the cooler weather preventing the water temps from rising a few more degrees to jump start the bite. The ice to open water transition has started out a bit slow so far for the start of spring, but here's the current report from the Black Hills region. The walleye bite is hit and miss right now as the fish a

Spring upon the River

You know it’s officially spring when you can hear the frogs chirping away at night and the fresh smells of spring fill the air. I recently took a hike down a stretch of river section I like to fish, not only looking for deer sheds but also what the shoreline has to offer. Not only is it the perfect time of year to get out and enjoy the outdoors, you can also find some key structure along the riverbank when the water level is extremely low. I’m always on the look out for things such as big roots, logs or sand bars that could be a magnet for the fish. For me personally, I’ll be in search of smallmouth, so finding good log jams and structure along the bank is very critical. Some could be old ce

Late Ice Lake Trout...

With daytime temperatures expected to hit the 50’s over the weekend, it was time to seize the opportunity and spend some quality time on the ice while it remained safe. Spring is a time that I covet most when it comes to ice fishing as one can expect warm temperatures and a hot bite regardless of the species being sought. My brother in-law Cory informed me that he had never caught a lake trout, so the decision with respect to species was an easy one. My dad and a good friend also committed to the trip; the stage was set for a fun day on the ice. Lake trout are a handful when hooked and the experience is something one to itself on ice gear. Lakers provide long runs and simply go ballistic w

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