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Twin Ports Latest Fishing Report

This last week, we spent time on Lake Superior, Rainy River and inland waters. Lake Superior is having a good bite right now. If you can handle a little wind and don't mind the cooler morning temps, you can catch some nice fish. The Coho Salmon bite has been decent trolling a variety of baits in bright colors.

Long lining with planer boards has been the best, further meaning, one does not need a bunch of expensive gear. Anglers are also still catching nice Kamloops Trout and Steel Head at the river mouths.

The areas between Lester and all the way up to Two Harbors have been good for shore fishing "Loopers". It is recommended you get out early to beat the rush (especially on the weekends).

This last week we saw hundreds of anglers up and down the shoreline trying their luck. We are now starting to see some smelt off-shore from the rivers staging for the annual spring spawn cycle.

It is early yet, but I forecast by next week we will see harvest in the Twin Ports. Remember anglers need to possess a valid fishing license to partake in the activity.

Stream fishing on the tributaries to Lake Superior continue to see anglers with mixed success. Utilizing a float indicator over a couple sinkers, a fly and egg pattern have produced some fish. Hex flies are also turning a few.

St Louis River is slow to start, but as the temps rise, look for the action to pick up. Shallow bays with timber and rock are the go-to spots for pan fish and live bait or plastics this time of year.

A simple crappie minnow under a float can be the set up for success. Sturgeon fishing has been pretty quiet, but look for some reports to come through in the near future.

Walleyes are closed, but Rainy River was going strong to end its season this last week. Closure of the season for Rainy River is Friday April 14th, then it is sturgeon fishing only.

Inland Lakes are just about all ice free but doesn't mean the water temps are in the "catch window", but we are getting there. We have been finding "some" pan fish in about 10 feet of water. Water temps in shallow bays were as high as 48 but averaged about 44.

As we move further into spring, look for the bite to continue to pick up on all area waters.

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