"The Northland Fisherman" Episode 9

Northland Tackle, Fishing the Midwest and HSM Outdoors have teamed up together for bringing you a new Video series called "The Northland Fisherman". This episode: Early Ice Crappies - Mike Frisch

Beautiful Scenery, Slow Fishing

Even if the fishing doesn't work out as planned, sometimes just admiring the scenery is more than enough to have a good time on the ice. One of the best things about living in the Black Hills is just that -- the scenery. From the rolling, pine-covered hills to the steep and craggy cliffs and protrusions, there's always something to admire here. Recently, I headed out to Deerfield to meet up with a guy who I'd wanted to fish with last season, but we never got our schedules synced. He wanted to try for some Lakers which I'd heard were biting around the shallows, though deeper than last season. Armed with Clam Outdoors NEW Leech Flutter Spoon, I was confident we'd find some and I mapped out a g

Kids Chasing Bass

When my son and I fish, he has a way that he likes to fish and I have a way that I like to fish. So, having two different varieties of techniques, he likes fishing with traps and I like jigging, there are a couple of lakes that we fish that don’t adhere as easily to both methods. We typically will alternate our choices of lakes and since our last outing was for jigging crappies, his choice was to run traps for bass. This particular lake has a good population of largemouth and smallmouth bass and also jumbo perch, but the sunfish are small and there isn’t any crappies in the lake. The location that we typically setup on is a small rock point that comes perpendicular off the main point. We hap

First Ice

First ice is always a special time and all of the excitement has finally come to a realization that we are going to be wetting a line on the hard water once again. Ice season is a very special time and I get to spend many days out there with my fishing partner, my son. We typically have to drive north for first ice and have a few lakes that we will target at first and last ice and there is a good population of crappie that swim there. Upon arriving at the lake, we were fortunate to be given a pull out to our location by a friendly angler and that is typical of the folks that you are going to find out on the ice. We start in the deeper holes of the lake and were fishing in areas that were aro

Venison Jerky

For most people around the United States, hunting season is over, freezers are full and a lot of people have turned their focus on ice fishing. This is the time of year I start making all sorts of smoked sausages along with one of my favorite things to make with venison....JERKY. Anyone can do this and with pretty much any cut of meat. I like to use the shoulders as they are generally a little tougher but the top round and bottom round steaks from the hind quarter work good to. Start by cutting the meat into 1/4 inch thick pieces, flatten with a meat hammer until they are about 1/8th inch thick. Mix all the marinade ingredients and soak the meat overnight at a minimum, a day or two in the ma

"The Northland Fisherman" Episode 8

Northland Tackle, Fishing the Midwest and HSM Outdoors have teamed up together for bringing you a new Video series called "The Northland Fisherman". This episode: Making Better Fishing Video's with Bill Linder.

Explore New Waters

Ventured out again this morning with the same sloppy conditions on the local lakes. The group of people fishing today are always fishing the same areas and it gets hit hard. They all left early today so I was guessing that the bite was slow. People are so afraid to try something new. My last 3 of 4 outings, I fished a new spot with no one near me and still caught beautiful gills and keeper perch. My best advice is to get away from the crowds. These fish are getting pushed farther away as more and more people start their season and head straight to the spots everyone knows. Don't get stuck in the crowd. Get away. Find a new spot. It just might pay off!

First Ice Trials

With the lakes around the Black Hills ready to go for this ice season, I had a couple of friends who had recently gotten new flashers as well as one with a new Clam Conversion Kit auger, but they hadn't had a chance to really test them out on the hard water yet. I also had a number of new lures and plastics I wanted to try as well as my new Vexilar FLX-28 I had just gotten in the mail a few days before. I received an ice report from another friend who'd been down to Stockade Lake and said the ice was over 6" and ready to go. He'd caught some bluegills and perch and I decided that this would be a good place to put all our new gear through their first trials. When the four of us arrived on sit

Twin Ports Ice Fishing

Happy Holidays! We are seeing ice conditions in the Twin Ports, anywhere from 4-8". Some inland lakes are starting to see snowmobiles and ATVs, however, anglers are encouraged to check ice for themselves and not rely on reports, etc. Fishing has been excellent as early ice always seems to be a good bite. Lake Superior still has a ways to go for ice in the Ashland area. There is about 5" most areas on the Ashland side, but Washburn to Bayfield remains open water. St Louis River has walkable ice of most areas. Walleyes are being caught using a plethora of approaches. Key is to drill holes and wait patiently in 4-10 feet of water has been best. Use a Buck Shot Flutter Spoon by Northland Fishing

Figuring out the Bite

Weather: Windy Ice thickness: 8 inches Travel: Difficult Target species: Bluegill It felt great to be back on the ice again. My first time out this year and I got spoiled with some very nice gills. The ice on the lake I was fishing was clear 7-8 inches with drifts a foot deep holding water beneath the snow. It made it for slow travel by 4 wheeler. I passed everyone fishing the same area that always produces action. But I had my mind set on where I caught some nice gills before freeze up. Away from the group I began drilling holes. I started to catch perch and few crappies, but there were marks on my Vexilar that kept reacting differently to my presentation. I wanted to know what it was down

Crappies on First Ice

This past weekend, I knew the ice conditions were going to be prime for driving a four wheeler out because of past ice checking and the cold temps throughout the week. I decided I would try a spot that we have got them in previous years at first ice. The spot was a 20 FT small mud basin in between a point and an island with steep drop offs. We got out to the spot and started drilling holes in an X-pattern over the small basin. Taking my Vexilar, I walked over and checked each hole carefully, swinging the transducer cord back and forth in the hole to check the area around it. I got to the 3rd hole and the screen lit up with red, suspended off the bottom, I knew we had found the crappies. We s

Share the Knowledge

One of the best things about having a good amount of knowledge and experiences on fishing is sharing those experiences with others. I believe that it is extremely important that we should share what we have learned with others and help them to be more successful on the water, because fishing can be a very communal experience. Working at the public library in Rapid City, has afforded me the opportunity to present two annual fishing seminars for the past four years, one on shore fishing in the spring/summer and my favorite one, an ice fishing one. Thanks to some help with thinking of a title for the first one four years ago, I have dubbed the ice fishing one the "Lure of Ice Fishing Series" w

"The Northland Fisherman" Episode 7

Northland Tackle, Fishing the Midwest and HSM Outdoors have teamed up together for bringing you a new Video series called "The Northland Fisherman". This episode: Photography Tips: with Bill Linder.

HSM Outdoors, "Pro Staff Spotlight", Craig Oyler, SD

Growing up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Craig has spent almost his entire life pursing all that they to offer. Fishing for everything from bluegills to lake trout. Craig is always looking for the next great bite. When he's not chasing trophy fish, he and his wife are busy raising their son and daughter in the outdoors and teaching them all that Craig's father taught him.

HSM Outdoors, "Pro Staff Spotlight", Cole Douville, MN

Cole has been addicted, to the outdoors, since he was 3 years old and has been fishing and hunting many different species every since including; fishing for walleyes, crappies, northern pike as well as spearing for northern pike during the winter months and suckers in the spring. Cole also hunts ducks, geese, deer and grouse religiously in the fall.

"The Northland Fisherman" Episode 6

Northland Tackle, Fishing the Midwest and HSM Outdoors have teamed up together for bringing you a new Video series called "The Northland Fisherman". This episode: get to know Northland Tackle Pro Staff member Chip Leer.

Ice Rod/Reel Prep

After getting caught a little unprepared for my first trip onto the ice last week, it was time to get the rest of the gear prepped and ready to go for the season. This meant taking an evening to spool and attach all my reels and rods together for the year. In past years, I would normally take all my spools that I wanted to get new line on down to Cabela's to have them put the line on with the line winding machines they have in the fishing department. When I worked there, it was so easy to get line on a lot of reels quickly and evenly with those machines. I was kind of a hassle sometimes, especially if I had everything I need to do it at home, but putting line on required two people to hold t

Lake of the Woods, Ice Condition Report

Things are starting to shape up in northern Minnesota, I’m sure anyone reading this knows, ice fishing is just around the corner and I know you have your fishing gear ready to rock and roll. As everyone around the ice belt prepares for the season, we need to remember that safety always comes first and repeating yourself time and time again is a must, although, some might think its over emphasized. Thin ice is no joke! Follow this link and read what Robby Rhembrandt has to say about ice safety and hypothermia. http://www.hsmoutdoorsllc.com/single-post/2016/12/06/Hypothermia As far as ice conditions go in the Bostic Bay area, we had a few open spots, but they have started to ice over, however,

Houstons Guide Service: Twin Ports Report - Special DEER HUNTING EDITION

As we are patiently waiting in the interlude between Late Fall Fishing and First Ice, let’s talk about this last 2016 Deer Season. As many have noticed, it was a great season for our family. On opening day, I shot a very respectable 8 pointer and then later in the week, I received word that my brother Jacob, one upped me with a solid deer of his own. During the course of both my brother and my hunting careers, we have harvested many deer. However, this was the year both of us would finally shoot a couple of bucks that are wall worthy and that is just what is happening, they are both going on the wall. Since my childhood, our family has been actively involved in hunting. Matter of fact, given

HSM Outdoors, Pro Staff Spotlight: Erik Quanrud, MN

My deep passion for Bass fishing started when I was in high school, with nothing more than a canoe and my car I would drive to the nearest lake and start the hunt. Bass fishing to me is the best thing in the world and getting people involved, educated and on the water is my ultimate goal. I love getting on the water and putting friends on big fish, especially with an awesome picture to follow. Living in Minnesota gives us a range of fishing reasons that I’ve enjoyed all of them more than once, however fall time bass fishing in Minnesota is hard to beat. I love fishing for big bites and you can usually find me doing that in thick vegetation.

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