Group Trip with the Outdoor Women of South Dakota

With the success of last year's trip down to Stockade, I was again approached by the head of the Outdoor Women of South Dakota (OWSD) to take a group of ladies out onto the ice for some fishing. This was a fun event last year and I jumped at the chance to do it again, only this year, I planned on having them head to Deerfield for some rainbow trout action as the fish have been concentrating in an area for most of the season now due to the weeds that were still green and giving off oxygen and attracting bugs and other food for them to feast upon. I arrived at the area a couple of hours before they were going to show up and made sure the fish were still around and to set up and prep the area w

Lake of the woods fishing report 2-15 / 2-18

Fishing out of Adriana’s, about 16 miles past Pine Island in 33 ft water with fishing being fantastic! Lots of nice keeper fish caught, including many 17-inch saugers and walleyes in the slot with the biggest being 26 inches. Even managed few 13-14-inch perch with active Tullibee as well. I know many people just hate them but it’s nice to have something to catch at any given time and kept a few for the smoker. Catching our limit for four guys each day we had Wigwam clean and cook our fish, as this weekend was all about taking it easy. Each night they brought huge pans of fish out to our table and we ate till we were stuffed. There’s no way we could eat that much, so we invited anyone around

Hunt for White Perch

One fish that has been on my list of fish to catch has been the “White Perch”. These white perch on Lake Winnipesaukee, get to a rather large size, up to over 3 pounds is possible with many in the 2 to 3-pound range and they are following the smelt schools around. Fishing with someone that understands the lake and the fish’s patterns is a huge plus for getting onto these fish. When you hook into the bigger fish, they put up a great battle, all the way to the top of the ice. These fish travel in schools and once they come in, you try and keep them there, as it can be fish after fish once that school has been fired up. Looking for the deeper holes is where to start looking for these fish, as y

Lake Superior

Lake Superior is one of the most pursued destination fisheries in the world and for good reason. These waters hold multiple species of highly praised game fish that are not easily found in too many other locations. Its beautiful scenery can be found in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario. This trip to Superior, we were targeting the Wisconsin portion in search of Whitefish and trout. After searching the first day, we located a very large school of whitefish with a few trout mixed in on a rock pile structure that topped out at 16’ and was adjacent to deeper water. Whitefish tend to stay near harder bottom as they are bottom feeders and this type of structure holds bait. Usually when yo

Mid-Winter Icing’

We are in full swing of the mid-winter doldrums for the ice fishing scene. Ice is getting thicker, there is more snow on the ice, the bite can be very testing of your patience and finding fish isn’t typically the issue, more of getting them to bite. Drilling many holes always plays into your advantage and staying mobile is key if you want to have a productive day on the ice. Locating the fish hasn’t been the issue, getting them to bite has been. You can tell their biting mood quickly. If the fish are coming off the bottom, those have been lookers instead of biters, they come up, look at your presentation and either sit there or go back down. These are typically single fish and are a bit hard

Black Hills Area Fishing Report

The frigid air of the past few days, kept all but the most hardcore of ice anglers off the hardwater, but those that ventured out were rewarded with some good catches of fish. The temperatures will be more seasonal for the next week or so and this weekend will be a very nice one, with highs predicted into the high 40s or low 50s before returning to normal winter temps. Here are reports from the lakes in the Hills: Angostura Reservoir has good ice in most of the bays, with most of the action going on in Shep's Canyon or off Horsehead. The walleye bite, though, has been slow and those that are being caught are on the small side. Spoons with a minnow head or dead sticks have seen most of the ac

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