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Lake Superior

Lake Superior is one of the most pursued destination fisheries in the world and for good reason.

These waters hold multiple species of highly praised game fish that are not easily found in too many other locations. Its beautiful scenery can be found in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ontario.

This trip to Superior, we were targeting the Wisconsin portion in search of Whitefish and trout. After searching the first day, we located a very large school of whitefish with a few trout mixed in on a rock pile structure that topped out at 16’ and was adjacent to deeper water. Whitefish tend to stay near harder bottom as they are bottom feeders and this type of structure holds bait. Usually when you find one there are many more as they travel in schools.

We found that bright colors such as chartreuse, orange and gold were best. The “Clam Leech Flutter Spoon” topped with a shiner head proved to be the best bait.

Staying on the move until we located a good piece of structure was key. Once we found the piece of structure they were relating to, we camped out and were very successful.

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