Crappies in the fog and winds

The day started out at 38 degrees and very foggy, wind was almost nonexistent and the fish finder was reading 56 degrees for the current water temperature, but getting up to 60 degrees by day’s end. Kevin made the trip down from Massachusetts to fish with fellow Staff member Michael on CT's largest natural lake, Bantam Lake which is 947 acres, with an average depth of 16 FOW with 26 FOW being the deepest. Because of the fog, the decision was made to start on the first adjacent point that featured a sharp drop next to a large flat that is near to the boat ramp. There were fish scattered in small groups along this drop, but the key was to locating that one little "sweet spot" along the edge of

Pheasant Opening Weekend in South Dakota

Traditionally one of the biggest weekends in South Dakota is the opening weekend of pheasant season statewide on the third weekend of October each year. People from all across the country come to the state to hunt one of the state's wildlife treasures in the open fields and corn rows spread across the area. While the eastern side of the state sees most of the action from out-of-state hunters due to the prevalence of cropland, private owners, and guided hunts, the western side has its own birds to hunt as well. Unfortunately due to the drought of this past summer and its intense heat, the state's bird numbers were down anywhere from 80% to 90% on average, meaning less birds would be available

Twin Ports Report 10/26

Aggressive walleyes have been on the chew this last week, it has made for some fun fishing. A sweet tactic we have been utilizing is the "double-up" method. It's simple, instead of using 1 minnow, use 2 while you are working jigs. It gives off more scent and if you miss a fish and it took a minnow, you still have another minnow on. I like this operation on faster, dirtier water with current. However, don't be afraid to try it other places. Water temps are dipping into the lower 50's and will continue to fall as we now move into November. St Louis River has been good fishing for decent size walleyes using bigger chubs pulled on regular hook, line and sinker. Jigging is best and easiest way to

Ducks and Bass

Last week-end brought unseasonably warm temperatures to Sunset Country and was too much to resist the temptation to head onto the lake. A buddy of mine had recently been on the water doing a bit of scouting for waterfowl and fishing. The report was one to get excited about as several ducks were seen rafting up and the bass had made their way to the wintering holes. The temperatures were expected to climb into the mid 70’s on Friday and a plan was quickly developed. I was going to hit the water at first light looking for waterfowl and we would jump into the bass boat in the afternoon and chase smallies. Friday morning, we headed to the area that my buddy saw the ducks the previous day and to

Fall Smallmouth Feed

With the falling leaves, the water temperatures are dropping and that means the fish will be putting on their feed bags for the coming winter. Many of our ponds and lakes are drawn down for the winter months, so getting to the water is an adventure in its self. With the water levels low, this eliminates a lot of the lakes area and does a little more of concentrating the fish. The winds have been fairly strong lately and fishing the windblown shorelines, these areas have more of the baitfish held there and that brings the fish in as well. Casting shallow running crankbaits and spybaits, you are able to cover more water and varying depths and this puts these baits in front of more fish. There

Quick Trip Before Work

Wanting to wet a line before work the next day, I planned on taking a quick trip out to New Underwood Dam in the morning this week to see if anything was around. I hadn't been there since the spring and was hopeful that the cooler weather would spark some of the better bluegills in the dam to be feeding heavier. I was only going to bring a couple of rods rigged with snell hooks, Northland Fishing Tackle slip bobbers, a few split shots for weight and some Eurotackle Mummy Worms for bait. I would start at the boat dock and fish above the weeds as best I could, then move out to the dam and toss the setup beyond the closer weeds into the deeper water. My Sonarphone T-Pod bobber would feature pro

Twin Ports Report Oct 20 2017

We have had some nice day time temps, making for beautiful days this last week. We are loosing leaves on our trees at a rapid pace now and it wont be long until you can see more clearly into the woods. Water surface temps are holding onto mid 50's for the most part, but some waters are dipping down and some are staying into the 60's depending on where you are. The waters that were gushing out of the rivers and tributaries are coming back to normal now that the rain has slowed down. Fishing in the northland, continues to be good for most the popular fish in the area. Except of course Lake Trout, which have closed on Superior until December. Lake Superior is having some decent SmallMouth and W

Fall Gills

There's something special about catching fat fall gills. We started in the morning looking for bluegills in various spots, searching in a large basin, we moved slowly jigging the bottom. We caught a few gills, but not what we were looking for. Checked a few more well-known spots, but they already had anglers fishing those popular locations. I decided to make a quick pass trolling a thumper jig through the area to see if there were any takers. We caught one crappie but did not see any other angler catch anything. I decided to pull up the trolling motor and head to the other side of the lake. This time, looking for a weed line I've had good luck on. Again, not much luck just few small perch an

Alexandria Area Report: Big Presentation

With the days getting shorter and the colder temperatures becoming unavoidable, the one thing that is for sure is the good fishing in the area. This week we did some walleyes and panfish with very good results. First the crappies and bluegills, all I can say is "wow"! The panfish bite has been great and they have started to really school up in the basin's. The schools are now bigger and easier to stay on them. I'm still looking for those high raisers in the water column which means those are the bigger one's. Today, started with a Clam Outdoors Tungsten Drop XL Jig with a plastic tail and by the mood of the fish they were aggressive,so it was time to switch it up. When I see the mood like th

Quantity Over Quality

I won't lie. It's been a bit hard over the last few weeks to find good quality fish. Numbers, for the most part, haven't been that hard to come by. The recent cold snap is beginning to drop water temps into the 50s and the fish have responded by moving into shallower waters as they look to feed heavily with winter coming in only a couple of months. As such, catching fish isn't too hard if you're in the right spot. Finding the big ones, however, is another matter. On a trip to Angostura Reservoir this week, finding fish didn't seem to be a problem. Catching better ones through large schools of shad baitfish was. I joined up with a couple of friends for our first trip to Angostura since June b

Shallow Water Smallmouth

Smallmouth in the weeds? A technique I’ve never personally pursued but I’m happy I did give it a go. I found some okay fish but also found a true biggin’. I have fished for smallmouth for years and I’ve over looked this for years, but I plan on targeting these type of fish more often. Lures: Spinnerbait, Frog and Senko Spinner baits will come through some thick vegetation and are a truly overlooked “basic” lure. Experiment with colors and presentation. Spinnerbaits are a multi species bait so don’t be surprised when a pike or walleye take the bait. Frog fishing is what got me hooked on bass fishing. Using a hollow bodied frog is always a good idea, but sometimes, you need something more acti

Fall Striper Bonanza?

Fall time brings on a whole new fishing and exciting time for being on the water, fish are feeding for the winter months and moving towards their winter locations. The Stripers on the East coast are leaving their Maine locations and heading down the coast towards their wintering grounds. We have been trying a bit more striper fishing this summer and have heard that the fish had been using the canal in southern MA preparing for their fall migration. The canal is setup very fisher friendly meaning, there are bike paths on both sides and you can fish the whole length of the canal that is about 7 miles long. Never being there before, we decided to start heading east towards the ocean and the cur

Fall Movement

October has finally arrived and for me that means that the fish are chewing and waterfowl are starting to migrate. Up in Sunset Country, we have yet to experience overnight freezing temps or prevailing North winds, which are 2 key elements that kick the migration into full swing. That being said, I had some time off this week and thought I’d better check the marsh to see what was happening. We found isolated pockets of local birds and managed to harvest enough for a treat. The long range forecast looks favorable though and I’m hopeful some big fat northern birds arrive soon. As the old saying goes, you don’t know if you don’t go and timing is everything in the waterfowl game. I’ve said it ma

Black Hills Fishing Report

Cooler weather is starting to heat up the action in many locations across the Hills and should continue to help bite conditions improve as the night temps dip down into the low 40s and high 30s. Fall is definitely here across the region and hunting seasons are beginning to start or have started as well, contributing to one of the best times of the year for outdoorsmen and women. Good weather over the next week should contribute to lots of activity on the water as the fish will be moving closer to the shallows and beginning to feed heavily in preparation for winter. Here's some reports from area lakes. The walleye bite at Angostura continues to improve as the fish are moving shallower as the

Fall is in the Air

Finally, the temperatures are getting to where they are supposed to be for this time of year. That means that the water temperatures are finally going to start dropping and that in turn will get the fish into their fall feeding mood. Our fish are still relating to the deeper water and haven’t moved towards the shallows yet. Finding structure is key as to where the fish have been positioned and also finding schools of baitfish is a key factor. Trying something new on this trip and that is fishing with a Spybait. A spybait, is a sinking minnow imitator that has a 3 blade prop on the front and a 2 blade prop on the rear and they are opposite in their rotation creating a unique sound when retrie

Alexandria Area Report: Run and Gun'n

You can say that fall is here and the bite is too. The weather on the other hand has made it a little difficult at times to get out and check what is happening. But, where there's a will, there's a way and this weekend between the showers we headed out early to try our luck. Once Rich and I arrived to one of our go to lakes, we started scouting out areas that held fish a week ago but weren't there this weekend. Go figure! Last week the fish were in shallower and figured that the water temperature was basically the same as last week so we started to look deeper. They moved for sure and moved out in 25-40FOW and were in tighter schools. Some schools were larger than others so staying on the fi

Fall Frogs

There’s no doubt I love being outdoors, but what I love most about it is spending time with my family. When your side kick is a three-year-old, there’s no doubt chasing frogs in shallow water is sure to spark his interest for hours on end. The chase can even be rather entertaining and hilarious to say the least. What do you need? Well, first check our local and state regulations since most states have a season on bull frogs. I’ve found the best tool to use is a fly rod with plenty of back bone to lift the big frogs over the reeds. I use a Cabela’s series nine foot seven weight rod which seems to work well for the large frogs you have to haul in over trees, reeds or other obstacles. I tip the

Fall is Finally Here

The colors of fall are finally showing here in the Black Hills. I know they've been showing up elsewhere, but this year seemed to take a bit longer around here with the warmer start to the month. The leaves on many trees are showing their hues of yellow, red and orange and it make a trip through the winding roads a sight to see. It also means that fall fishing patterns should be kicking in very soon. I went out for a drive in the morning recently to look at a couple of small ponds, but I decided to take in the fall colors as I drove and do some short hikes to admire the scenery. While it's tough to beat a northern Minnesota fall (I've been up there the last couple of years) for sheer volume

Alexandria Area Report: Following the School

It's like turning on the light switch this time of year when summer comes to a close and kids go back to school, then fall comes and the cooler temperatures start to transition everything. It's quick too and before we know it the snow will be flying, but before that fall is here so we should enjoy the time we have with this short season. Which brings me to one of my favorite times to fish is in the fall. Last week I talked about the transition that has started and the panfish were in 12-17FOW and now they are in 17-25FOW or deeper. What a difference a week makes with cooler temperatures. Water temps. were 68 degrees last week and now are 65 degrees and the the fish have definitely migrated d

Not Always About the Fish

Many of us enjoy taking our significant others out for a fishing trip, but I'm sure there are plenty who don't always get the opportunity to do it as often as we'd like. Schedules don't always match up or the weather isn't good or any one of a host of other things that pop up in our daily lives can prevent from going and when we do get them out, sometimes the fishing itself isn't hot, but it doesn't really matter. What matters more, is spending some quality time in the outdoors with those special people in our lives. I myself always want to take my lovely wife out, but it can be long periods of time before things work out. So early in the evening recently, we had some time to head out to the

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