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Fall Smallmouth Feed

With the falling leaves, the water temperatures are dropping and that means the fish will be putting on their feed bags for the coming winter. Many of our ponds and lakes are drawn down for the winter months, so getting to the water is an adventure in its self.

With the water levels low, this eliminates a lot of the lakes area and does a little more of concentrating the fish. The winds have been fairly strong lately and fishing the windblown shorelines, these areas have more of the baitfish held there and that brings the fish in as well.

Casting shallow running crankbaits and spybaits, you are able to cover more water and varying depths and this puts these baits in front of more fish. There were a number of short strikes, but the smallmouth that did connect, gave up some good fights.

We didn’t catch any big fish, but most were in the 1.5 to 2 pound range, but for smallmouth, any size gives you a battle. Targeting rock cropping’s and underwater points at this time of year, definitely is a good starting point as these fish are using these areas for quick filling meals.

Fall time can be some great fishing and at times very tough fishing. Most times on the water you won’t be having much competition and the landings will virtually be yours. There are still many days for being on the water and some nice fish that can be caught as well.

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