Son’s Favorite Fishing

As our kids get older and must start taking on more responsibilities, those things start cutting into their favorite past times, fishing. So

Laker Action: Trying Some Place New

Bad weather up by my hometown kept my wife and I from heading up north to visit my folks and get some walleye fishing in, so I got in touch

Searching for Lake Trout

I managed to get out a few times this week with my girlfriend Felicia to chase the kings of the cold, Lake Trout. I have become addicted to

Weekend Adventures in Canada

A warm weekend was forecasted for both Northern Minnesota and Canada and I don’t like to take those weekends for granted when it comes to Hu

LOW in January

It’s January and usually the Walleye bite is known to slow down a little bit, but you can still manage to put fish on the ice. We left Home

Feeding Frenzy to Finesse

There are some days that we luck into an area where the fish are in a feeding frenzy and this allows you to get away from that finesse fishi

Hunting Greenbacks on Big Windy...

With warm temperatures in the forecast this past week-end, there was no doubt that I’d be drilling ice somewhere. A buddy from work and I de

Metro Trout Fishing

Early Saturday morning, Alie and I ventured out to the overpopulated Chaska Courthouse pond. For those city dwellers that enjoy ice fishing,

Tough Bite for Big 'Gills

A morning trip to Stockade is usually one where I've got visions of catching some very nice bluegills in my head as we head down. Over t

Finding Feeding Fish

We as anglers are always looking for information about how the fish are biting and where they are biting the best. I had heard that a small

Surprise Day on the Ice Part 1

In South Dakota, we are allowed 4 lines in the winter time. I try to take advantage of that whenever feasible, especially when I’m fishing f

Surprise Day on the Ice Part 2

I set out to Deerfield to hit one of my favorite spots for Lake Trout. I drilled about 20 holes and set my warriors the same way, varying de

Tournament Time: Vermont

It's tournament time in New England and our first stop has us at Hoyts Cove off the CT River in VT. We are fishing the Champlain Valley

Getting back into the Outdoors

It’s already the middle of January, and this is my first ice fishing adventure of the season. The past year and a half, my future husband an

The Good, the Bad, and the Baloney - Gathering Info for Your Next Outing

We all like to have as much information as possible. Whether it’s for building a rocket ship or for cooking dinner, the more information you have the better the outcome. But what information is good, and what information is useless? When it comes to hunting and fishing I like to get as much information as possible. The tough part is separating the good from the bad and here are some things that I do to get the best information. When planning for an adventure, the weather is the most important. The 10 day is great, but it is still a forecast, it can and will change. The Farmer’s Almanac has also been depended on a long time, just don’t count it out. Pay attention to the wind, this can make or

Hardwater Lakers

Lake trout are one of the top predatory fish that swims in fresh water. Their aggressive mentality and mobility in the water column, make th

Twin Port Report: January 10

Warm up, before the cool down, these are the inconsistencies that can keep fish at bay. It was nice to have some mild temperatures and a bet

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