Lake Superior Report: Memorial Day Weekend

Fishing was still very good with most of the action coming over deeper water mud lines. You can catch fish deep inside the mud as well, however they were preferring the edges this weekend. Fish are still very active in the upper water column as the water temps were still hovering around 46-48 degrees. Baits of choice were the Bait Rigs Physco Minnow and the Salmo Hornets trolled around 2.2 - 2.6 mph. Staying on the school once you find them is the key to catching the Coho. Hummingbird side imaging is awesome for finding these schools and staying on them as well. We made multiple passes over the school and once they had spooked out, we moved on to the next. Other species are also using these

Spring Bite is On

Many understand the spring bite is in full sawing in many areas and that is making for some fantastic fishing right now. Weather is playing a small factor as well, but for the most part, fishing is HOT right now. The shallows are full of fish and once you find these areas of concentrated fish, catching one after another can be had. Targeting shallow water targets, being it pencil reeds, docks, trees in the water, whatever it is, these are fish magnets. Casting lite headed jigs with minnows, plastic trailers can catch these fish as well as using a bobber and casting this around these earlier targets. Now is prime time for getting the kids out there as well as they will have enjoyment at catch

Black Hills Area Fishing Report

Well, the weather has certainly done another 180 degree turn in the area. 70- and 80-degree temperatures have been replaced by cold, rainy weather with a chance of more snow over for most of this week before warming up next weekend. Fishing opportunities will be curtailed for most except the more diehards in the area. Too bad the weather wasn't better for the free fishing weekend in state parks this past weekend. With the weather in mind, if you're looking to wet a line, pack the rain gear and check out these locations: On Angostura, the shore fish bite has been better than those out on the lake with limits of walleyes reported being caught on crappie rigs in shallow water. The lake is still

Boundary Waters Opener

Minnesota Fishing Opener 2019 has come and gone with a flash. As with most people, we also have a long-standing tradition, the next generation (mine) along with the youngest generation of young boys, make their way into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area every year for opening weekend. Though sometimes there may be a hiccup or two dues to late ice, or no permit availability, the "old timers" will still carry on to Basswood Lake as soon as possible usually leaving us Boys behind due to work schedules etcetera. This year was a success, conditions couldn't have been better. Everyone made the journey to Ely with high anticipation of the Boundary Waters Gold, the ever-popular walleye. The unique adve

Spring Lakers

There are several milestone trips for me as the open water season progresses and just so happens that the first one is a lake trout trip as soon as Mother Nature releases us from her icy grip. Not only are lake trout one of the sportiest fish to catch, they also present the opportunity to fish before the walleye opener, as lake trout season remains open in Spring and closes in the fall for their spawn. The ice just left Sunset Country this week, and with favorable weather conditions in the forecast, a Lake Trout trip was put into action. Lake Trout are a reliable bite in the spring and congregate in shallow water before water temperatures rise and drive them to deeper depths. There are sever

Open Water Time in the Hills

With the last of the ice off all the lakes and ponds around the Black Hills, it was time to get my ice gear all put away after another good and long ice season. Always sorry to see the ice rods, Vexilar, Ice Armor suit, Clam shelters, and other gear get put away (or store elsewhere to use during the open water season), but I was excited to bring out the open water rods and tackle and start looking at places to hit for the early spring. As usual, one of the first places I like to go is Pactola, since the rainbows are usually back in the shallow waters near shore looking for a meal and easier to reach after ice off. Traveling light (two rods, net, and backpack tackle bag), I hit up a few areas

Fishing and Friends

Fishing is always a great way for getting together with friends that we don’t see that often. Family, work and distance traveled, are always in the way, but when everything aligns, makes for a fun and productive time. Fortunately, spring is here, the weather, water temperatures and spawn is getting underway, these factors offer some great opportunities at catching some nice fish. Body of water is a dammed up river system, many coves, arms and main channels with steep shorelines. Targeting trees in the water was what the crappie were relating to, but with water levels dropping 1.5-2 feet, eliminated some previous trees that were fished. Key wood was finding where the tree trunk went into the

Fishing with Vets Weekend

Last weekend, I ventured to South Dakota to catch some walleye and smallmouth bass. The trip was special, as my boat had two special guests, Jack and Mike. Both are Veterans, Jack, a two tour Vietnam Chinook pilot, and Mike a three tour Iraqi combat Veteran. A weekend holiday facilitated by a nonprofit organization called Fishing with Vets. This group hosts several events throughout the Midwest annually to give back to our nation’s heroes. Men and women of service are treated to an all-inclusive weekend at a resort with a guided fishing excursion. This weekend was in the northeast region of South Dakota at a beautiful lodge called Hidden Hill Lodge. Owners, Lorrie and Carla Sanderson are som

Alexandria Area Report: You just never know!

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems it was all planned out? I got home from work on Friday and packed up to do a little shore fishing. I drove to the lake that I haven't fished for years and went to the area I had fished in the past. First cast, bobber down and a 12" crappie. I throw another cast and caught another. This is going to be fun I thought, then two young men drove over and asked if I was catching anything. My response that I give all the time is, "I just got here". I'm pretty private when I go out and don't normally say to much. I like to just catch a few fish and take some photos so I can share them with you! Those young men were pretty ambitious to ha

First Open Water Fish of the Season and Time with Dad

On a recent visit home to see my family, my dad and I went out looking for walleye to catch from the shore since Shadehill is running high and the water clarity is still north of chocolate milk. The walleye was headed up river to spawn and he'd hoped we'd be able to find some. We'd hoped that throwing out some jerk baits into backwash areas along the river would yield some good results, but it was not to be. We ended up heading to a stream-fed stock dam and we managed to catch some males as they were following a weed line headed up into the creek. It was great to get the first catch of the season out of the way and they were some nice sized ones that went back into the water to continue. But

Kids, and Spring Crappies

I was done with work early so decided to run home and grab the boat. Decided to surprise the kids and pull them from school few hours early. They were excited to walk outside and see my boat! Once we got to the lake, we quickly headed to my spot. I knew it was going to be good because it was a sunny day and the water had time to warm before I got there. The boys started a contest who could catch the most and the biggest, it’s always a competition between them when fishing. Using clam drop kick jig and gulp as bait they started casting out and reeling in bluegills and crappies. The excitement and the things they say crack me up as they reel in the fish. We only had an hour, so that was the fi

Smoked Trout

My cousin Kevin and I decided to smoke the trout we recently caught on the Whitewater River. I used trout and salmon brine from Fleet Farm, mixed it up according to the directions and put it in a 5-gallon pail. Added the trout that were gutted and cleaned and soaked for 48 hours in the refrigerator. The day of the smoking process I pulled and rinsed off the fish. Patted them dry then let them sit for about an hour. Starting up the smoker as I kept the temperature about 175-180 degrees. I soaked the apple wood chip from a tree I had cut down earlier in the day. Once added it began to smoke. I flipped the fish half way through and added more wood chips. The whole process took 1 hour 45 minutes

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