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Black Hills Area Fishing Report

Well, the weather has certainly done another 180 degree turn in the area. 70- and 80-degree temperatures have been replaced by cold, rainy weather with a chance of more snow over for most of this week before warming up next weekend.

Fishing opportunities will be curtailed for most except the more diehards in the area. Too bad the weather wasn't better for the free fishing weekend in state parks this past weekend. With the weather in mind, if you're looking to wet a line, pack the rain gear and check out these locations:

On Angostura, the shore fish bite has been better than those out on the lake with limits of walleyes reported being caught on crappie rigs in shallow water. The lake is still dirty, which is more than likely contributing to boaters' woes, but it is beginning to clear up.

Some warmer weather should spur on the walleye as well as the bass bite. At Belle Fourche Reservoir, the walleye is still scattered, and most being caught have been the result of luck more than anything else, with overs and slot fish being caught around the Fruitdale and Gaden's Point areas, but not many under in the mix. Better consistent weather should improve the bite.

Pactola is seeing some Lake Trout activity from both shore and boat fishermen, with a possible state record Laker (from the social media pictures) caught and released back into the lake this past week.

Pike activity is picking up in Jenny Gulch and rainbow trout are being caught along the south shoreline as well as near the north marina on Little Jake's and Northland Buckshot spoons.

Bluegills are also gathering in the northern and southern bays. Sheridan isn't seeing much activity aside from the occasional report of perch or pike being caught near the Hwy 385 bay, probably due to weather conditions.

Deerfield, likewise, hasn't been seeing much activity from area fishermen until the weather improves. Stockade has been seeing a few bass, pike, and bluegills being caught, but as with most of the other larger lakes, improving weather conditions should turn on the bite around the lake.

The trout lakes (Sylvan, Center, Mitchell, Roubaix, and Lakota) have had some activity reported, with silver spoons, worms, or salmon eggs being the ticket. The weather seems to be the biggest factor in getting out to the lakes to try and find fish as well as on if the fish are biting, but hopefully things will stabilize soon and get both numbers of people and biting fish to increase. Until then, good luck on the water and tight lines all!

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