The Growing Puppy

Mia is now 12 weeks of age, and changes in her behavior and physical development are starting to take place. Mia is now starting to get very adventurous, she is taking in her whole world like a sponge and is exploring everything she can get her nose on. With her being so adventurous, it is also time for me to start socializing her, for now is the critical time for the foundation to take shape for the rest of her life on how her attitude is towards me, other people and other animals. So, making sure she has good experiences outside of our home is very important in her development. House Training: As we continue to have accidents here and there in the house, it is important to not get frustrat

Alexandria Area Report: Hot Weather,HOT bite!

Over the past week and a half the weather has been tropical with hot temperatures and high humidity. This trend of weather reminds me of the days when I lived in Louisiana. Days could be down right unbearable, but it was something you got used to. The fishing when it gets hot can be some of the best and it was, and still is. Some of the things to look for and to do so you can enjoy the good fishing during these hots days of summer. Deeper or Shallow: I see and hear anglers say that you'll find the fish in deeper water. Thats true and it all depends what species your targeting. In this case, we were targeting crappies and bluegills, which we will look shallow. How shallow? Look in 8-12FOW and

Summer Crappie

When the mid-summer hits, most crappie fishermen and women start to target other species as crappies seem to "disappear" into the

Family MN Fishing

Summer comes and that has many families hitting the road for their family vacation ritual. Everyone goes in their own directions and ours le

The 1st Week at Home

The world is a big place, and it’s even bigger to a new puppy who is discovering the new sights and smells of their new surroundings. With s

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