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Family MN Fishing

Summer comes and that has many families hitting the road for their family vacation ritual. Everyone goes in their own directions and ours led us to the great state of MN, visiting family and of course spending many hours fishing.

Towing our boat along, gave us the opportunities of fishing where we want and when we want to go. High on our list of lakes to fish was of course, Mille Lacs Lake, smallmouth heaven and possibly getting into some of the walleye action as well.

Mille Lacs never disappoints, as we fished many of the rocky reefs from the north end, through the west side and the south end as well. The smallmouth never disappoints, and we were finding them located off the edge of these areas in 10-15 feet of water.

We wanted to cover as much water as possible and using the Salmo Crankbait lineup, we were able to do just that. The smaller Hornets were a better preference for these fish as well as a handful of toothy critters that took their fair share of our baits.

We were finding the walleyes using these same areas, especially in the earlier morning, as they were being caught with the smallmouth. Using crankbaits, we were able to cover more water and try to pinning down areas that had the better fish we were looking for.

Our better fish came from the southern end and anywhere there was a deeper impression inside of the rock fields, these fish were relating to that. One thing that we had to deal with consistently was the ongoing wind assault that never seemed to end.

We spent a few of our trips on local area lakes as well and found some smallmouth as well that we didn’t even know were there. Quality family time is always enjoyed while out on the boat fishing and these are the days and times that you won’t ever get back. Lot of laughs were happening as well as frustrations when a good fish was lost.

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