Teaching the Next Generation

With fish being deep and hard to find currently, sometimes I like to be reminded of the bigger picture. My buddy Steve took his young son out for his first fishing trip recently and while they didn't catch any fish, the pictures tell an important story. Most of us would agree that in order for our sport to continue to thrive in the future, the up-and-comers need to be taught from an early age the joys of fishing as well as the protection and conservation of it. Starting them out early is always a good way to go. While I don't remember my first trip with my parents, it's safe to say, I was less than two years old since my dad is a very avid fisherman. I can vaguely recall my brother and siste

Giving Salt a Try

My son has been getting into saltwater fishing quite a bit more this summer and wanted the two of us to go and try on our own. We have a jetty that is not that far from us where a river dumps into the ocean and upon arriving, it was low tide with the tide starting to come in. We were going to run three different setups, two of the setups we ran a three way swivel that has a 3oz weight on one line. The line with the hook we ran two different baits with one being a chunk of mackerel and the other having a piece of clam. Typically, these are casted out as far as you can get them and keeping the line tight, waiting till the sinker finds the bottom. With the tide flowing, always keeping an eye on

Raising Monarch Butterflies

The Monarch butterfly, the King or Queen of all butterflies. We all grew up seeing these majestic butterflies as kids, but the Monarch species is in trouble and unless something is done our children's kids may never see one except in a text book. There are many organizations out there helping to fund projects in order to save these insects. From disappearing habitats to global warming, these butterflies can't seem to catch a break. According to World Wildlife Federations 2017 release, the population again is down another 27% from last year’s already all-time low. What can we do to help? One way is ordering milkweed seeds from Save the Monarch Foundation. I like to get my kids involved so we

Hot Weather and Looking for Bass

Thanks to over two weeks of 90 degree weather nearly every day now, many of the fish in the Black Hills region are well into their mid and late summer patterns.Many species have gone deeper and are huddling around deeper flats, rocky points, and isolated humps and rocks. But there are still some bass to be found huddled in the thick weeds in the shallows and after receiving a tip, my friend Steve and I met another friend, Matt, and his boat at Stockade Lake to give these weedy bass a shot. While the three of us had never really gone after bass hiding directly in the weeds and Matt had never had his boat in Stockade, we wanted to give it a shot since the walleyes have now gone deeper and are

Minnesota Grown

Summer in Minnesota is never long enough, it seems once it begins, fall leaves start to change. However, the best part of the short-lived summer season are all the delicious fruits, and vegetables that are grown right here in Minnesota. Waking up to a beautiful Minnesota summer morning, I decided it was time to go for a road trip. I found myself at Nelson’s Berries, which is South of Brainerd off Highway 25 going towards Pierz Minnesota. When I arrived, a few customers were already in the fields picking berries in the multiple rows of strawberry plants that filled the field. I grabbed my buckets and headed off to the row that I was directed to start picking at. Within 30 minutes my buckets w

The Catfish Huntress Strikes Again!

Some people seem to have a knack for finding and catching fish no matter the situation. That always seems to be the way catfishing goes when my wife (who I call the "Catfish Huntress") and I head out to the river to try our luck at it. Over the last several years, she always seems to be the one that catches the big fish or catches the most when it comes to cats. The fish seem to find her bait a lot more often than not, while many times, I get some nibbles and that's it. Not that it disappoints me, as I'm always so thrilled when she gets a hold of one of the hard fighting fish in the fast current. Such was the case on our most recent night excursion looking for Mr. Whiskers. We headed out to

Going for a Pumpkin Record

Many of you followed along last year as I grew an Atlantic Giant pumpkin. It was fun to get my kids involved and learning as the season progressed while finishing the season close to 800lbs with decent seeds and only vine burying, I was extremely happy and I didn't even touch fertilizer! This year I'm on a whole new level. Starting with sending soil samples to Nebraska and correcting the imbalance of nutrients and minerals. I got a hold of way better seeds this year including seeds directly from the current state record pumpkin at 1918.5lbs and few others over 2,000lbs. Thanks to Dankyield fertilizer, for supplying me with all the necessary fertilizer this season to hopefully grow my biggest

Learning New Waters

Anglers get stuck in a habit of fishing the same waters over and over again and get into a comfort zone that they tend not to want to try other locations. By trying different waters as well as different scenarios, lakes vs rivers, this in the long run, makes an angler more versatile and able to adapt more quickly for finding fish at newer locations. Not having much experience on fishing river systems, we have been frequenting one such system a few times already with more trips planned. The stretch that we have been trying to learn is above the dam, so there is some water movement and many of the banks have a steep drop. One key that we are seeing more frequently is that by continually mappin

Review of Vexilar's SonarPhone T-Pod

For a few years now, I've been trying to figure out how to tell depth and temperature while on my inflatable pontoon. As I've gotten into experimenting with trolling from it using crankbaits or Lindy rigs, being able to tell the depth and the structure has always been an issue as there isn't a good way to put a full fledge sonar on it. Added to that, is that most sonar, while less than before, are still fairly expensive with many costing more than my pontoon was. If I was vertical jigging, there wasn't a problem, as I bring along my Vexilar Flasher and simply put it on a pontoon and drop the transducer in and I've got instant readings right below me. But trolling with an iceducer, doesn't wo

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