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Raising Monarch Butterflies

The Monarch butterfly, the King or Queen of all butterflies. We all grew up seeing these majestic butterflies as kids, but the Monarch species is in trouble and unless something is done our children's kids may never see one except in a text book.

There are many organizations out there helping to fund projects in order to save these insects. From disappearing habitats to global warming, these butterflies can't seem to catch a break.

According to World Wildlife Federations 2017 release, the population again is down another 27% from last year’s already all-time low. What can we do to help?

One way is ordering milkweed seeds from Save the Monarch Foundation. I like to get my kids involved so we started few years ago spreading seeds on our property.

You too can get seeds for free to plant around your home. Milkweed also is disappearing and it's the only source of food for the larvae of the Monarch.

The boys and I are always on the lookout for caterpillars as they love watching them go from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly! By raising them indoors you can ensure they have a better rate of survival. Do your part and help protect these Monarchs for future generations.

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