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Giving Salt a Try

My son has been getting into saltwater fishing quite a bit more this summer and wanted the two of us to go and try on our own. We have a jetty that is not that far from us where a river dumps into the ocean and upon arriving, it was low tide with the tide starting to come in.

We were going to run three different setups, two of the setups we ran a three way swivel that has a 3oz weight on one line. The line with the hook we ran two different baits with one being a chunk of mackerel and the other having a piece of clam.

Typically, these are casted out as far as you can get them and keeping the line tight, waiting till the sinker finds the bottom. With the tide flowing, always keeping an eye on your line as you don’t want any slack and a little tension works very well.

The third setup, we were casting a lead head jig that has a plastic swimming trailer on that and varying the depths and retrieve speed to seeing what the fish preferred. We did catch one fish on this rod, but the others preferred the other with the meat baits.

We didn’t catch anything of much size as they were all schoolies in the 22-24 inch range. Legal fish here in Massachusetts is 28 inches, but they gave us a good battle none the less. We had a few other strikes but as fast as they had hit, they were gone.

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