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First Open Water Fish of the Season and Time with Dad

On a recent visit home to see my family, my dad and I went out looking for walleye to catch from the shore since Shadehill is running high and the water clarity is still north of chocolate milk.

The walleye was headed up river to spawn and he'd hoped we'd be able to find some. We'd hoped that throwing out some jerk baits into backwash areas along the river would yield some good results, but it was not to be.

We ended up heading to a stream-fed stock dam and we managed to catch some males as they were following a weed line headed up into the creek. It was great to get the first catch of the season out of the way and they were some nice sized ones that went back into the water to continue.

But it is always a fun trip to be able to fish with dad. He's always so hopeful that he can get me on some fish whenever I visit, and I appreciate him taking me out. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't but he's always willing to take me out when we visit Lemmon and I appreciate his lessons even now.

He doesn't use a lot of the newer gear that is available these days or spend much on upgrading some of it, but he knows how to use what he's got and that's always been ok with him. With all the advancements in the fishing industry, sometimes it's fun to get back to some simpler techniques and learn to appreciate them as much as any of the newer gear or techniques that are available to us.

Sometimes all you need is a small bobber, a Snell hook and minnow, and a quarter ounce weight to catch some nice fish and it always helps to have his knowledge and experience there with us. I only hope that I will be able to pass that same knowledge and experience onto my daughter someday. Enjoy the first catches of the open water season.

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