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Alexandria Area Report: You just never know!

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems it was all planned out? I got home from work on Friday and packed up to do a little shore fishing. I drove to the lake that I haven't fished for years and went to the area I had fished in the past. First cast, bobber down and a 12" crappie. I throw another cast and caught another. This is going to be fun I thought, then two young men drove over and asked if I was catching anything. My response that I give all the time is, "I just got here".

I'm pretty private when I go out and don't normally say to much. I like to just catch a few fish and take some photos so I can share them with you! Those young men were pretty ambitious to have a conversation with me, and I just keep the conversation light and I just fished and started to take a few photos of a crappie I caught. One of the young men named Ty, came up to me and asked if I was called the crappie sniffer? I looked at him with a smirk on my face and said......maybe! Why I asked? Ty said that he followed me on Instagram. I am and I thanked him for following me. Then Cole came over and started talking and got on his phone and hit the follow button. After talking with Ty and Cole, I thought that these young men were definitely brought up right. They were respectful, well mannered and best of all, they had a passion for fishing.

We talked about lakes, types of species and everything in between. I asked them what grade and where they went to school and they told me that they were sophomores at Alexandria High School. Hmmmm, I said and I told them that my son Alec goes there as well. They both asked by saying, is he tall, skinny, and doesn't talk much? I laughed and said yes to all, and they said we know him. I couldn't stop thinking about that and said to myself,"You just never know"! It's a small world that is for sure and you never know who you might meet and what twist it my take.

The fishing was awesome and I had a chance to teach a few things to Ty and Cole. Let them use the St.Croix Panfish Series Rod and they felt a difference in the casting and how it handled the crappies. Jig selection was another thing that made a big difference as well. The 1/64oz with a plastic. They were using a little bigger presentation, but they saw the benefit of the smaller jig. Overall, they asked very good questions and when it was time to leave, I gave them some jigs and I told them to message me if they ever wanted to go fishing. I truly enjoyed there conversation and remember, you just never know!

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