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Fishing and Friends

Fishing is always a great way for getting together with friends that we don’t see that often. Family, work and distance traveled, are always in the way, but when everything aligns, makes for a fun and productive time.

Fortunately, spring is here, the weather, water temperatures and spawn is getting underway, these factors offer some great opportunities at catching some nice fish. Body of water is a dammed up river system, many coves, arms and main channels with steep shorelines.

Targeting trees in the water was what the crappie were relating to, but with water levels dropping 1.5-2 feet, eliminated some previous trees that were fished. Key wood was finding where the tree trunk went into the water and figuring out where the tree top branches were off the shore.

Positioning the boat outside of these branches, pitching jigs and plastics back into the branches and working these baits with jigging actions throughout the branches. Over the day of fishing, lighter jigs were key for the larger fish as they were looking for that much slower fall rate of the jig.

When you find the right tree tops that were holding fish, as not all of them do for some reason, you could sit there and catch dozens of fish in that one location. Depending on the size that you are looking for determines if you stay or move onto the next tree.

The current conditions have mostly males in these locations and the females must be still holding off in the deeper water depths still waiting for just that right water temperature. We had a great day on the water, lots of laughs, many fish catches, some photo work and just a day of two friends getting together and catching up and catching fish.

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