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Spring Bite is On

Many understand the spring bite is in full sawing in many areas and that is making for some fantastic fishing right now. Weather is playing a small factor as well, but for the most part, fishing is HOT right now.

The shallows are full of fish and once you find these areas of concentrated fish, catching one after another can be had. Targeting shallow water targets, being it pencil reeds, docks, trees in the water, whatever it is, these are fish magnets.

Casting lite headed jigs with minnows, plastic trailers can catch these fish as well as using a bobber and casting this around these earlier targets. Now is prime time for getting the kids out there as well as they will have enjoyment at catching a fish on each possible cast.

Taking advantage of these situations while you can, because this window of opportunity will not last long and then the real work will come once they move off to deeper waters. Early mornings and evenings are prime time and why not share a boat seat or shoreline with someone.

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