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Lake of the woods fishing report 2-15 / 2-18

Fishing out of Adriana’s, about 16 miles past Pine Island in 33 ft water with fishing being fantastic!

Lots of nice keeper fish caught, including many 17-inch saugers and walleyes in the slot with the biggest being 26 inches. Even managed few 13-14-inch perch with active Tullibee as well.

I know many people just hate them but it’s nice to have something to catch at any given time and kept a few for the smoker.

Catching our limit for four guys each day we had Wigwam clean and cook our fish, as this weekend was all about taking it easy. Each night they brought huge pans of fish out to our table and we ate till we were stuffed.

There’s no way we could eat that much, so we invited anyone around us to a free walleye dinner.

Here’s a few tips that helped us this weekend, fish were caught on pretty much anything, but they really liked red this time. Hot lure was Northland red rattling flier. The setlines did seem to catch most of the fish in the slot limit.

Fatheads or shiners didn’t seem to make a difference. Jigging as close to the bottom as possible seemed to lessen the likelihood of catching a tullibee. Though we did catch few sauger a few feet off the bottom.

The little saugers acted like the tullibee in how they chase the bait. I wish we had few more days as the average size fish were very nice.

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