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Kids Chasing Bass

When my son and I fish, he has a way that he likes to fish and I have a way that I like to fish. So, having two different varieties of techniques, he likes fishing with traps and I like jigging, there are a couple of lakes that we fish that don’t adhere as easily to both methods.

We typically will alternate our choices of lakes and since our last outing was for jigging crappies, his choice was to run traps for bass. This particular lake has a good population of largemouth and smallmouth bass and also jumbo perch, but the sunfish are small and there isn’t any crappies in the lake.

The location that we typically setup on is a small rock point that comes perpendicular off the main point. We happened to stumble onto this a few years ago and it hasn’t disappointed us yet, knock on wood, lol.

He always sets a couple right on top of this point in about 5 feet of water and typical times out, this is where the biggest fish come from. Others are scattered around the deeper edge and some areas will contain mainly pickerel and another is jumbo perch.

We are allowed to set out a number of traps and he gauges his day on if there are flags flying before all of them have been set. He typically sets the depth to around two feet off the bottom and uses medium sized shiner minnows.

This trip started out slow with a few false flags to get things started but as the afternoon went on, the bite picked up with some quality fish. There were times when he was running from one side of the set to the other and that makes for a fun day.

For the day, he caught a handful of 2-3 pound largemouth, number of large perch and as evening was coming, the pickerel bite picked up. He had a fun day chasing and that is all that matters, kids and flags go together for fun fishing on the ice and definitely is something that all kids should try and enjoy.

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