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Cast and Blast Weekend

When you ask eleven year-old Blake Rhembrandt what he wants to do on the weekends, the answer most always involves hunting, fishing and riding motorcycles.

The early mornings, cold weather and long walks have never slowed this young man down. From a young age he has spent time in a boat or in the field helping his Dad, Grandpa and Uncle fill multiple tags.

Last weekend Blake hit a local reservoir chasing walleye. On Saturday he broke his personal best walleye which fell over twenty-two inches. Excited and thinking the weekend couldn’t possibly get any better, he went to bed with high hopes of filling a turkey tag the next morning.

After a short hike in the dark, he was patiently waiting for the sun to come up sitting in the blind. It didn’t take long for the sun to peak over the eastern ridge when the turkeys flew out of the roost.

Six minutes after the start of legal shooting hours a 9-inch bearded tom came running to the decoys. Blake finished the weekend with an amazing forty-eight yard shot dropping him in his tracks.

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