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Easter Weekend with Dad

Taking a few days off to travel to Lemmon for Easter last weekend, my dad and I (of course) got in some fishing in the afternoons while we were there. With his boat at the dealership getting some maintenance done as well as being fitted with some newer sonar units, it was shore fishing for us, we had hoped to bring out his little 14’ boat for some stock dam jumping, but the wind over the weekend prevented that from happening.

It was very slow the first couple of days on Shadehill Reservoir. We tried fishing for walleyes with "walleye rigs" and minnows and I pitched Northland Thumper jigs and Impulse grub tails from shore around rocky points. I caught a few silver bass, but no walleyes. Not even our attempts to catch some catfish further west on the lake yielded much. The bite on the lake is pretty slow right now.

On Easter afternoon, we tried fishing near a bridge on the Grand River, which comes out of Shadehill. It was very simple fishing really, going back to those childhood days of a hook, bobber, and minnow. But it was effective as we found a deeper pocket where most of the fish were at.

We caught several walleyes, catfish, junk fish we call skipjacks and smallmouth bass. Fishing in fast moving water does have its challenges though. The trick was trying to reel up the excess line floating down the river and set the hook fast enough before the fish released the minnow.

We probably missed as many as we caught, but it was still a good time and it was great hanging out with my dad and our ever so subtle ribbings at each other. I admit, he did catch more than me.........this time. Next time Dad, next time.

I hope the Easter weekend was enjoyable for everyone and that some family fishing was taken in. All of the rain we've been getting is making the fishing difficult, but good times are on the horizon.

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