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Dealing with Moles

If you have moles in your yard, I'm sure you have tried everything to get rid of them like me. I've tried flooding the tunnels with water, smoke bombs and poison.

I have also tried numerous traps with limited success and I've even heard of putting bubblegum in the hole. This will be the third summer I've dealt with moles tunneling around my yard.

Leaving unsightly dirt mounds and trails of raised dead grass. Moles don't just pick a spot to wreak havoc. Usually they are drawn to an area because of food.

Old tree roots from a cut down tree has decaying wood and with decaying wood underground comes those big white grubs. The moles love these grubs and more than night crawlers.

Moles are blind and they locate these grubs with supersonic hearing. With their entire life spent underground, they have food tunnels and deep tunnels for hiding and raising their young.

So trying to rid these varmints is difficult and very frustrating to homeowners. I recently saw a new mole trap at Fleet Farm that I have not seen before. So I decided to try this one out.

The more traditional traps are spring loaded with tines that drive into the ground in hopes of spearing the mole, which usually they pop the mechanism and get a back scratch without being caught.

This new trap, once set, acts like two high tension scissors underground. I set the trap according to the box and waited. It took 4 days but that pesky mole to my surprise was stuck in the trap!

So far I'm 3 for 4 and I suspect that there is only one mole left. The amount of tunneling has been reduced by 90%. To set the trap, read the directions carefully.

I used an old steak knife to cut out a little wedge in the grass that resembles a small slice of bread for the spring to work freely. Push down on the tunnel with your heal. Place the trap and step on the yellow foot hold to engage the trap.

Super simple and effective. The mole will travel his tunnel and start to push the dirt up and trip the trap. Causing them to get caught in the trap. I'm in no way affiliated with this product. It just works! I wanted to pass along this information for those of you that are looking for a solution.

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