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Twin Ports Report June 6

Transitions are starting to take shape. Above the water, trees and grass are growing and in full green color mode. Below water, things are starting to take shape as well. Vegetation is popping up and will continue to expand into the deeper waters. Turtles are on the move, so be careful not to run them over on the way to the boat launch.

Respective fish species are completing spring routine and switching to early summer patterns. This last week did drop rising water temperatures, so some stalling has happened. Recorded inland water temps a week ago were rising above 70 degrees, but now have fallen 7-10 degrees. Nevertheless, fishing has been fair to good.

Lake Superior has had a good bite this last week all around the Twin Ports. The south shore has a definite mud line that runs past Brule. Anglers are reporting good catches in the mid-contrast colored water of brown to clear.

Lakers, Coho's, Kings and Browns are still being taken on surface ran baits as shallow as 2-10 feet below the surface. Other depths are turning fish as well as anglers have started flirting with deeper waters. The lake will stay busy this week with comfortable temperatures, so be prepared for traffic.

St. Louis River has been sort of hit and miss this last week with the fluctuating weather. Walleyes are still being caught from Oliver to Lake Superior, but it is important to hunt down fish and stay with fish. Flats are starting to show signs of vegetation and shiner runs are becoming evident.

Bright colored spinner rigs tipped with crawlers are taking a few fish. Pike and SmallMouth are active and being caught by casting crank baits at shorelines. I prefer a crank bait with a rattling chamber when the water is muddy. Look for things to pick up as clarity improves.

In-land waters are staying consistent for action. Smallmouth is on beds in some select waters and it is not encouraged to disrupt their spawning activity. Very soon, if not already, it will be the same story for largemouth and grouped pan-fish. It is important to think conservation as these fish are very vulnerable. Pike have been going well near shorelines with crank baits and spinnerbaits. Walleyes are being located on mid-lake areas. Trolling spinner rigs tipped with minnow have been good. Jigging with minnow is also turning a few fish.

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