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Capturing Spring

Springtime, as everyone can relate this year, can be a tough transition to be patient with. However, it can offer some excitement between ice and soft water.

Shed hunting and photography are two of my favorite spring hobbies while I am waiting patiently for fishing seasons to start.

Photography can be whatever you want to make it. For me being an avid outdoorsman, I like to capture shots of the outdoors. Walking out in the woods, looking for the next best picture.

Photography can be very rewarding especially when you get the chance to capture the shot of a lifetime!

Shed hunting is a great way to spend the spring weeks. Not only is it cool to find sheds, but also is a great way to scout for this coming deer season. When you find nice sheds, it gives you the excitement that buck is in that area and he's more than likely going to be bigger next year.

Don't dwell on the prolonged winter and get out and enjoy what spring does offer!!

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