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Seasonal Transition, Weight Consideration

As we start transitioning from our winter activities into spring and then summer adventures, we may start utilizing more portable electronic items, especially as we take to the water.

If you don’t ice fish with electronics, but use portable electronics in the open water season, the heaviest component in every unit used is typically the battery.

The typical lead-acid 12-volt 9 Ah battery weighs in at 5.3 pounds. The Dakota Lithium batteries with 2 options: 12-volt 10Ah weighs in at 2.88 pounds and the 12-volt 7Ah weighs in at 2.14 pounds.

With losing approximately 3 pounds of weight from the battery alone in these portable electronic units, this is something that you will notice over a long day of moving these units around, either on a boat or on the shoreline.

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