Dakota Lithium Battery Weight Advantages

January 30, 2018



Recently, I installed a new battery from Dakota Lithium Outdoors in my Vexilar FLX-20. The minute I opened the box containing my new battery, I knew it would be a game changer.


The battery is featherlight and feels like an empty plastic case. When I took the stock battery out of the FLX-20, I could really feel the difference between the two batteries.


The stock battery felt like it was almost the same weight as the entire flasher with the new battery installed, so I decided to weigh them to see for myself. As you can see from the pictures provided, I was correct.


There is less than one-pound difference between the two, the stock battery weighs in at just over 5lbs, with the entire package coming in just under 6lbs!!!!


I usually have 2 flashers, an underwater camera and a battery for the light bar in my shack, so by switching to the Dakota Lithium Outdoors batteries in all of my units, I can save over 10lbs, which means a lot by the end of a long day on the ice, not to mention, they last longer between charges!


Check them out, I believe you will be just as amazed as I was.

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