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Heat of the Summer

This summer has been a very hot one and it has been plaguing many of us anglers on where and how we search and catch our fish.

Lately, fishing long underwater points has been producing as the fish have been schooling up better on the deeper edges and the points ends. These fish have been using the deeper weed edges as well as roaming off to the deeper sides of the points as well.

Fishing strategies have been either casting across the point and working from deeper water to shallow or casting parallel to the points outer edges and working back along that.

Using the Clam Outdoors CPT365 Drop Tg jigs and the Northland Tackle Impulse Nightcrawler worms, the tungsten jig falls fast and straight as the worms’ tail adds a tantalizing action as it is moved along.

Rigging these two together as either a jig-worm combination or a shaky head combo, can be either with an exposed hook or Texas rigged. Exposed hook will allow more weeds to accumulate, but if worked easily through weeds, when the fish bites they tend to have a higher hookup ratio.

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