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The Beginning Chapter of Mia & Kelli

Our story has just begun. This past Saturday (June 23rd) my future husband, and my parents set off for Babbitt Minnesota, which is basically the end of the road before the boundary waters.

For my Dad & I, we were each picking up our British Pointing Lab Puppies, from a wonderful lady who has beautiful passion for her dogs, who has kept her blood lines of breeding going for many decades; along with being a pioneer for women like me who want to put their dogs’ natural ability to the test.

So, without any longer delay, I would like to introduce my new hunting companion Mia.

Mia is currently 8 weeks old. She is a British Pointing Black Lab, her quality of bloodline goes back many, many generations. Mia is not my 1st dog, but Mia however is my very first hunting dog that I will be training completely myself. I have huge goals for us, and I want to tap into those natural instincts of hers and hopefully win a few Hunting / Upland Hunting Tests, along with having a lot of fun going after Minnesota Grouse & those Dakota Pheasants.

Mia & I hope you are looking forward to our journey as much as we are. My goal is to document our journey from week to week including all those crazy puppy moments as well, along with adding in some professional tips from local vets & my training coaches right here in Grand Rapids Minnesota area.

Here is our first current update… Mia has been with me now for 3 days. I already have her pointing with her Wing on a Stick and responding to her name quiet well. This upcoming week, I will continue to work on

  • Getting more comfortable in her new home

  • Potty & Kennel Training

  • Wing on a Stick (Pointing Exercise)

  • The Name Game

  • Sitting

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