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Above the Weeds

Summer fishing is almost in full gear, the waters have gotten to the 70’s, degree mark and that has the weeds growing very well. Fish are relating to these weeds as they move into their summer patterns.

Fishing mid lake humps can be done with a variety of tactics. Finding the humps that top out around the 8-foot mark will have good vegetation growing towards the surface.

Certain times of the day and weather related, can be some fantastic jerkbait fishing. Using a Salmo Rattlin Sting, casting across the top of the hump, ripping the bait back over the tops of the weeds has been working well for the bass.

Covering the total area will give you a better opportunity at catching these fish and it may not be easy fishing, especially for your arms. This does take some work for working the bait, but the rewards can be tremendous at the end of the day.

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