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Fishing Summer Patterns

With water temperatures rising above the 70-degree mark, this has the fish moving off the shorelines and out to their deeper summer patterns. Summer pattern means deeper weed beds, weed lines and off shore structures.

Finding and fishing off shore structures can be very rewarding as many anglers don’t like fishing deeper water or don’t know about these locations. Finding that is when there is some wind involved as well, this always seems to help the bite in these areas.

There are a variety of ways to fish these areas and right now, fishing with the Clam 1/8 oz Drop Tg Tungsten jig with a Northland Tackle Impulse Nightcrawler. Key was to fish inside of the weeds on these humps, you do get some weeds on the open hook, but when you come through the open pockets in the weeds, this is where these fish were relating.

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