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Rainy River "Dinosaur" Season is in full swing

A past weekend trip for HSM Staff members Colby Gallagher and Dusty Cartie, brought some nice fish into the boat with a total of 7 fish over the 50" mark. Water current and temps are on the rise over previous weeks, primarily due to the tributaries breaking open.

The amount of debris in the water is less that would've been expected from previous years, however, clarity (or lack thereof) is right on queue.

The fish are back to their old habits of utilizing the upstream side of deep holes on the river to seek relief from the current. We also tested out the theory of using frozen shiners mixed with our crawlers with results equaling the plain crawler rigs.

If you've never had the opportunity to hook into one of these beasts, you'll definitely be in for a treat! Be sure to get up there and enjoy the sunshine while relaxing and waiting for a bite.

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