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Spring Boat Check

After a long grueling winter, the excitement of getting your boat back on soft water again can almost be unbearable. Before you take your boat out for the first time of the year, there is a series of checks that you should do to ensure your boat is prepped and ready for the upcoming season. Going through these checks will ensure that you have less problems and will be able to put quality time on the water throughout the year.


- Change your oil, if drained ensure it is filled back up

- Check oil filter

- Change out spark plugs

- Check power steering fluid level

- Look over and ensure that all hoses are tightened and there is no cracking

- Make sure your fuel line has good pressure

- Test run it with water cups on

- Check hydraulic trim fluid


- All lights are in working condition

- Wheel bearings are greased

- Tires are in good shape and aired up

- Make sure trailer license isn't expired

- Check springs and frame for rusting

- Safety chains are in good shape

- Check the clicker, strap and safety strap on the winch

- Make sure carpeting on bunks are secure


- Examine the outside of hull for damage or cracking

- Make sure boat license isn't expired

- Vacuum, pressure wash and wax

- Test your batteries

- Ensure your whistle or air horn are present

- Ensure the fire extinguisher is still there and inspected

- Ensure safety vests are present including the throwable

- Ensure all electronics and trolling motor are working

- Make sure you have a basic set of tools in your boat

Checking these items are much easier to do when planned for rather than on the water. Good luck and have a great season.

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