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Multi Species March Madness

March is a magical month on the ice. So many opportunities for so many species, combined with longer days and warmer temps can make for the perfect storm to chase a plethora of game fish.

My good Friend Cody Mundy from Iowa and his brother in law Steven and Cody’s tournament partner James decided to migrate north to chase the Northwestern Ontario Grand Slam with me over the last 3 days.

What’s the Grand Slam you ask? Well that consists of catching Lake Trout, Pike, Walleye, Crappie and Smallmouth Bass.

It was a total grind to get this done given the conditions over the last 3 days. All in we managed to ice some fish and Cody’s best friend Steven was the only one to complete the Grand Slam.

Lakers were caught on Tube jigs and rattle baits in depths ranging from 40-60 feet. Crappies on small tungsten presentations with plastics and live minnows in 22-26 feet. Walleyes, Pike and Smallmouths came on a multitude of presentations in depths ranging from 21-34 feet.

Overall it was a fantastic time with well over 100 miles on sleds in the beautiful back country. My Iowa friends greatly enjoyed our time on the ice and especially enjoyed the snowmobiling and my bush ingenuity cooking ham on a hot piece of slate rock. I grew up doing these kinds of things and truly love to share these kinds of experiences.

As my friends departed for home with big smiles and lots of laughs, they were already plotting the next trip and to come back next year for another crack at the Northwestern Ontario Grand Slam. I say BRING IT!

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