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Stuck Auger

Recently on our yearly trip to Lake Winnipeg, where we got an auger stuck and boy, do I mean stuck! Clearing the hole of ice shavings is important especially when drilling through 60 inches plus.

But even then, sometimes things just don’t go your way. You take that gamble and say, “almost there!” and you end up with your knuckles pinned to the ice and your auger is stuck. This goes to show it does and can happen.

This auger was stuck and by drilling holes all around it we could finally get access to the stuck auger. Once all the holes were drilled, we would knock out the ice in between each hole.

After about 2 hours, all the ice shavings were cleared and we had a fox hole. With plenty of room, now we continued to drill down until it punched through. I don’t think an auger could get stuck any worse than this one, but we got her back.

It was frustrating, but we all had some good laughs throughout it all! Looking back now, it was darn funny.

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