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Lake Superior Adventure

Lake Superior is the largest body of freshwater water in the United States. With numerous tributary rivers and lots of deep cold water, superior is home to numerous species of trout and salmon that can be caught from both boat and shore. The North Shore between Duluth and Grand Portage, offers some great shoreline fishing opportunities. There are many ways to target these fish, depending on the species that you are after. There are a few local favorites that are targeted, the Coho Salmon, King Salmon and Loopers are the most sought after in this area. These species offer some of the finest meals around. Other species such as Herring, Coasters, Lake Trout, and Brook Trout can also be found in Lake Superior.

My personal favorite species to target in Superior are Salmon. Their aggressive nature makes them an exciting battle on light tackle. My favorite setup for Lake Superior Salmon is a medium heavy rod, 10-20lb braided line, and a casting spoon, such as the Northland Buckshot Spoon or Clam Super Leech Flutter Spoon. These Salmon are roamers and tend to focus on pods of bait. They are constantly on the move chasing their next meal. Casting into points of interest, such as bays and deep harbors, is a good place to start. A jerk reel jerk reel presentation is most effective as these fish are very aggressive. Not only is the fishing amazing up the shore, but it also offers some of the most beautiful scenery one can find. Get up the shore and enjoy one of Minnesota's greatest adventures!

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