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Fishing Northern MN

I just got back from 4 days in the north woods fishing multiple different species of fish including: Lake Trout, Walleyes, and Crappies, but more than the listed species made it topside as well, including Northern Pike and a big Eelpout.

We started off fishing Lake Trout, we began by jigging with large artificial baits in about 40 FOW, marking a few fish but nothing committing. We decided to move, the next spot was a steep drop off to 65 FOW and we setup in 59 FOW.

We instantly started marking more fish and it was just a waiting game before we could get them to bite. Finally, they turned on and I landed a nice 6-pound Lake Trout, caught 4 feet or so under the ice, talk about aggressive!

About 15 minutes later, my buddy next to me hooked into a 3-4-pound fish. Which made for a good morning on the ice.

We then took off to go look for some crappies, but only got into a couple bigger fish before it was dark.

The next day we walleye fished the evening, setup on a big reef off big water, 35 feet up to 20 FOW, it was slow fishing but we managed to get a couple nice Walleyes, a 7lb Eelpout and a 5 lb Northern Pike.

It was a fun time on the ice with good friends and we are ready for the next adventure.

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