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Fish House Inspection

It won’t be long before you see wheel houses scattered across lakes looking like tiny little villages. If you haven’t already, taken the time to do some quick maintenance on your fish house.

Not only will it help the longevity of your house, but also give you a piece of mind knowing everything is in proper working order before you set out on your adventure. It’s much easier to fix it in your driveway than in a middle of a frozen lake.

Get yourself a grease gun and locate all grease zerks on the suspension and jack. Pump grease into the zerks until the grease starts oozing or it no longer easily flows.

Now lower the fish house all the way down to get the grease spread around. I like to check all the zerks one last time.

Inspect the cables for any frays or weak spots. If you can get a gallon of WD40, fill a spray bottle. It makes it much easier to cover all the equipment thoroughly. If all looks good, spray down the cables, winch, and any other moving parts.

This will help with the road salt and corrosion. It will also help everything to operate more smoothly. Don’t forget to lube the pins as you do not want those to rust in.

Now raise the fish house back to the original position and spray cables and other parts one last time.

Now fill the zerks on the hubs. If you don’t have bearing buddies on your wheels, I suggest getting some, it makes greasing the bearings a breeze.

Don’t forget to check your tires air pressure while your down there.

It’s also important to clean the connector plug with electrical cleaner to ensure proper contact.

Spending a few minutes on simple maintenance can save you hours fixing something that could have been prevented.

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