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Enjoying Being Outside

On a recent trip with my wife and daughter, a friend of hers came with us and brought her son Eli, with for some fresh air and the chance at catching some fish. He was excited to go fishing for sure. I took all of us to Pactola to the spot where Melissa had had luck before and there was plenty of shoreline for the kids to walk around on and hoped the fish would cooperate. We had also planned a picnic as well to enjoy the time we had there.

After giving Eli some instruction on casting, I let him do his thing and between his mom and myself going over how to hold the line, flip the bail, and cast while letting go of the line, he managed some nice casts in between walking along the shores with Aurora in tow. We caught a few trout, but Eli did not manage to catch one this time. I am hopeful on the next trip; I'll get him on some fish.

More than anything, the trip was great to just get outside again and enjoy some friendly company in the outdoors. The fresh air was good for us all and kids got to wear out some their energy from being cooped up at home all week.

With many people still staying or working from home as the pandemic continues and states start to open back up, it is still important to take advantage of outdoor recreational time when you can. There is no better way to practice social distancing than being outside and breathing in some fresh air.

With warmer weather here, it is great time to get outside and go fishing, hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activity or even just sitting outside on your deck or patio. It can do you a world of good and these days, we could all use it.

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