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First Open Water Trip Success

With the end of the ice season, Pactola Reservoir has always been a good place to start shore fishing from, as the rainbow trout tend to congregate in its bays before pressure drives them away.

These early trips are always kind of a welcome departure in terms of gear brought as I tend to bring out more gear during the ice season. For these shore fishing trips, it is always a couple of rods, a net, and my backpack tackle bag. Having purchased one of the new Clam Fortis nets (bass model), I was hoping it would be a good test for the new net.

As usual, the Northland Tackle Buckshot Rattle spoon was the winner for the morning's trip. It can be cast a long way and varying the retrieve speed seemed to trigger the fish best. I got to reel in many fish on it and Fortis net got a good workout.

While it was probably a little on the big side for trout fishing, the deep net allowed me to keep the fish in the water while unhooking them and prevent too much wear on the fish being handled except for quick pictures. The measuring etchings on the handle of the Fortis was also quite useful. It will see a lot of use this open water season.

With open water fishing officially started, this area will see some more trips before the pressure drives the fish away. I am looking forward to getting the girls out for some air since they are at home and enjoy the trips we have taken during these uncertain times.

Hopefully, others are doing the same thing. These trips are good for the mind and soul, which is something that we can all use right now. So, enjoy the warmer weather where you can and be sure to wet a line!

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