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Take me Back

Take me back to when the world was what we would call normal. Waking up doing the 9-5 and then to come home and be with our family and friends. How about planning some weekend trips and vacations with not a worry in the world?

With everyone adjusting to our new normal, we try to find ways to keep ourselves busy. Many of us worried about what our future holds with what seems like a whole new world.

Take me back to being on a boat in the crystal-clear waters of Mexico while soaking up the sun, while the rest of the world was just beginning to hear about the pandemic.

We were blocked off from the real world on a vacation of a lifetime, getting bits and pieces of what was starting to develop overseas. Wondering if what we were hearing, was true, but still trying to enjoy the few days we had left.

We were lucky to have done so many things on the trip, including two separate fishing trips. The first we met a couple of locals. They took us out in their boat, and we trolled the shores of Cancun and Isle Mujeres looking for Barracuda.

Talking with the locals, we asked if they had heard of coronavirus. They laughed and said never heard of it. We talked about how they live on farms away from most people. That it would never affect their way of living. After enjoying few drinks and conversation. We managed a few nice fish.

Barracuda, we asked, “do you eat these?” They offered to cut the trip short and take us back to Le Mujeres, where they lived and prepare us fresh Barracuda ceviche. They dropped us off at the beach and said be back in 1 hour. So, we patiently waited on the beach.

Eventually they showed up and brought us back to the boat. Fresh Barracuda ceviche! It was the most amazing ceviche I’ve ever had. I can honestly say that was probably one of the coolest experiences. We headed by boat back to our resort.

Later that evening we checked our phones and were receiving texts about Covid19. Was this for real? What do we do? We had two days left. We decided to put our phones away and try to enjoy the rest of our vacation. Always in the back of our mind, what if we get stuck here?

The next day we were heading out 25 miles offshore for some big fish. Getting bounced around and hanging on to something for the next hour, we had some time to reflect about what was going to be different when we get back.

Again, looking for any updates on the phone, but no service. We went all day with no communication to the outside world. Just us, the deck hands, and endless miles of ocean.

The boat stopped and the worries of uncertainty disappear as we were quickly hooked up with a nice fish! This thing fought, but then just like that, what I had thought was a fight turned into a battle with a Bull shark!

It had eaten my 30lb Amber Jack on the way up and it was peeling out line. The crew were running around speaking Spanish saying “big fish senor! Shark!” I fought this thing for about 45 minutes before I got a quick glimpse.

Then just like that it was gone. It never even tired, but I was. They could see it. “You need help? Everybody needs help!” But this was mine. All mine and I was wanted to reel this in by myself.

Another 20 minutes later they finally got a rope around its tail. I was so exhausted that every muscle ached. My hands tore up from gripping the old weathered fishing pole, but right in front of me was a 8ft Bull shark. I did it!

Now I thought they were letting this big guy go. I never had any intentions on keeping this shark. They had other plans. I asked what they do with it. They said “we feed everyone” so I made myself ok with their decision.

After a few more Amber jack and a few more spots we headed back. I still couldn’t believe I caught that thing. We took a few pictures and were dropped off at the resort.

Back to reality. By this time, our phones were flooded with friends and family telling us to come home or we would be stuck in Mexico, but all in all honesty, we didn’t want to come back. We enjoyed our last day the best we could.

Sad to leave such a place where everyone was so laid back and not concerned. Well here we are a month later. Our worlds a different place than what it was before we left on vacation. “Vacation” what’s that? When’s the last time you heard that word? Hopefully, someday soon, that word is in everyone’s vocabulary again. Until then, stay safe friends.

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