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After school Crappies

Fishing has been great last few weeks for crappies. Because it’s an evening bite, I’m able to run out to my fish house with the boys after school.

Few pizzas chips, pop and we have a quick dinner while fishing. We usually watch a movie on the tv and jig those suspended crappies.

Fishing in 27 feet and jigging at about 10 feet off the bottom, is where the bigger crappies are cruising. They are not aggressive at all.

So, we use small tungsten jigs with 1 red spike. I even managed a decent walleye on a tungsten jig! Using a spring bobber helps catch these light biters and holding the rod still once one shows up is key.

By the time the movie is over, we have a nice one-man limit of crappies. We always release crappies pushing 12 inches and bigger. After some laughs, food, fish and a movie we head back home just in time for bedtime.

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