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Lake Peppin

I’ve hit the ice a few times now down in Bay City and Maiden Rock, WI. Seems to be a consistent 8 inches of ice.

This is a river so please check for yourself as conditions are always changing. I’ve managed a few nice crappies in 12-14 ft water along with some perch. Using a small tungsten jig tipped with red spikes.

Moving out deeper, you can find a few more active walleyes and sauger. Our best luck has been in 15-17ft. Using red rattling flyer as my go to down here topped off with a minnow head. Dead sticking didn’t seem to out produce jigging.

I’ve had the opportunity to fish 4 times down here. First day was pretty good. Lots of eater sized walleyes and perch.

Day two, crappies and a couple perch. Day 3 was hot consistent action all day and a 27 inch walleye that we did not photograph as we tried to get it back in the water ASAP. The 4th day was slow. A smallmouth and one little walleye.

What I like about fishing here is you never know what you’re going to catch. But always have a legit shot at a 10lb walleye.

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