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As anglers, I believe that it is vital for us to share our knowledge and our passion with not only our kids and families, but also with the general public at large. Helping to inspire others to take up the sport is truly one of the best things we can do for the outdoors.

I enjoy teaching what I've learned and experienced while on the water and I'm always hopeful that what I share will help someone else be more successful on it. I especially enjoy the questions that get asked and the stories and experiences that I hear about while I'm doing my seminars in the spring and winter. And I always learn something else while I'm sharing my knowledge as well because learning something new can also help me be more successful on the ice.

At my annual ice fishing seminar last week, I had the good fortune to attract just over 100 attendees to it! It was a very enthusiastic crowd with a good mix of beginners and more novice anglers, as well as families and several ladies attending as well.

Women are the largest growing segment of the population getting into ice fishing as well as the outdoors so I'm always happy to see the numbers of women coming to my seminars growing each year.

Following the 30 minute presentation, where I went over lake map features and locations of where you can generally find panfish and trout, using your Vexilar to help ID structures below you, and gear recommendations for bringing fish topside, I got enjoy another 40 minutes of questions and comments before the drawings took place for great items and trips that were donated to my seminar. Several kids went home with ice rod combos and other giveaways and they are always so enthusiastic for them when they hear their name called!

It is our duty as sportsmen to share our knowledge with others, especially those coming up after us. If we can inspire them to enjoy our sport and help to keep it thriving, then what we've caught them will continue to pass along to future generations.

We have so much technology at our disposal to help us be successful on the ice, but it doesn't guarantee that success. But sharing experiences and knowledge can aid these new technologies and help to improve the chances of success. And success breeds confidence and confidence breeds passion.

If you could do a seminar or program or even help staff at an outdoor retail store for an afternoon by providing your knowledge, by all means volunteer for it. You may help someone have the time of their life!

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