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Fill a tag for a child

Our industry is become depleted of outdoor enthusiast to continue our traditions. I challenge you to purchase a tag with only one goal in mind. Take a child with you to accomplish the task of putting meat on the table. I try to incorporate my children in nearly everything I do in the outdoors from summer to winter.

A few weeks ago, I accomplished something I didn’t think was possible. I was able to spot and stalk a whitetail doe with archery equipment supporting a 5-year-old through the process.

After making a good shot and seeing the look on his face, I felt like I had just shot a 180-inch mature whitetail. I’ll never forget the look of enthusiasm on his face and the excitement as he “tracked” the doe.

Once we located the doe, we said a short prayer thanking the lord for the opportunity to harvest the animal. The work began as he helped field dress the deer and load it into the truck. The night was finished with a venison steak that he devoured while story telling.

Get those kids outside

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