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Fall Season Colors

The fall season has got to be, without a doubt, the prettiest season of the entire year, and you know when it's coming with that first frosty morning or when you can see your breath for the first time. The shades of red, yellow and orange can give any outdoor scene a breathtaking view and it's one of my favorite times to get out and see the outdoors when no fishing is involved. And as my daughter is a year older and moving around a lot more this season, it has taken on even more meaning for me to be able share this time of year with her and my wife.

We ventured through Spearfish Canyon on a recent weekend hoping to catch it at its peak colors. While it was certainly colorful, there was still a lot of green around, so it was probably still a little early for full effect, but it was still a nice day for a drive and hike.

With a friend of ours in tow, we enjoyed a picnic lunch at Roughlock Falls, then walked around the path to see the scenery, which is always spectacular. With the fall colors in the background, it's always the best time to visit if the weather is behaving. It was a bit breezy for what my wife was wearing, so we swapped jackets since I had my Zenith jacket from Blackfish Gear, which has a windproof shell and a comfortable lining, and she stayed warm for the duration of our trip.

Being warmer than most, I didn't mind having a lighter jacket on. Having never walked down to Spearfish Falls, our friend suggested, and we took the hike to it. It was beautiful scenery along the trail and falls were incredible! And Aurora got in some good walking with the flatter terrain, so she passed right out on the way home.

Enjoy the fall colors in your area this season while you can. While the scenes of fall are beautiful, they can be incredibly short. Frequent high winds can knock leaves off fast and ruin what could have been a great family shot. That's happened in previous canyon trips for us. So, take advantage of the time and get the family out for what could be a most memorable photo and trip.

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