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MN Youth Hunting

New this year, is MN youth deer season. Ages 10-17 can harvest any deer with a free license.

Ages 12 or older need firearms safety certification. Check to see if special restrictions apply for your hunting zone.

Blake, my son is 11. He decided he wanted to try and harvest a deer on his own this year.

We did some target practice shooting a few days ahead of time. I had Blake set up the hunting blind on his own and pick out a spot.

The next day we walked out before sunrise, sat for a few hours and had a doe walk behind us out of range. We had two more sits, but this time in the evening.

We did not see anything except for few turkeys and chipmunks but hearing them in the distance walking through the leaves gave some excitement to see if it was a deer.

Blakes excited for regular season this year and plans on shooting his first deer. The best part of this was spending quality time with my son. Giggling and whispering about things all while watching an amazing sunset. Better luck next time.

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